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How Does Your Retirement Compare?


When it comes to retirement, there’s no lack of information on how to save and what to save. But how do you make sense of it based on your own situation? Since retirement is one of the most significant financial milestones you’ll reach in life, how do you know if you’re on track?


Take this quiz to see how your retirement readiness stacks up against other Canadian workers.



Ten Questions To Ask Your Financial Advisor

Do you ever face decision fatigue and overwhelm when you are trying to choose a doctor, a company to do business with, or a financial advisor? With so many choices, how do you know which one will be the right fit for your situation or personality? How do you know if you’ll like them or work well with them?


The financial professional you choose to handle your family’s wealth will have a significant impact on your investment strategy, the fees you pay, and your confidence in your financial future. This is not a decision to take lightly, especially since each advisor has a different level of service, expertise, and ability. As such, you should take your time to find an advisor that meets your needs and makes you feel at ease. When you start your advisor search, ask potential candidates these 10 questions:




Do You Know Someone Who Needs A Second Opinion?

When we face life’s tough decisions, such as a career move, relocation, or medical treatment, we usually conduct research and gather information to help make an educated choice. Sometimes, we look to trusted mentors, family, friends, or even the Internet to make the most informed decisions.




5 Unexpected Threats to Your Retirement Plan

When we think of a threat, our minds often go to the worst-case scenario. We think of a personal tragedy, a natural disaster, a recession wiping out our retirement savings, or other circumstances outside of our control. But a threat is simply something likely to cause damage. Looking at it that way, it’s clear that there are many little-known and often ignored threats that could cause you to lose what you have diligently worked for. Here are five unexpected threats to your retirement plan and tips to overcome them: