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How we work

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To illustrate how your money is managed and the different partners involved, see the table below:

MPW transaction process

At Montag Private Wealth, you deal directly with your wealth manager. We have the full and the sole authority over which securities will be bought and sold in your accounts. But all securities trades pass or have to be executed by a third party, namely a brokerage firm or investment dealers. In conjunction with the custodian, they arrange for payment and receipt of securities and settle the operation in your various accounts together. The number of days for settlement of securities in your portfolio is different depending on whether shares, bonds, mutual funds, closed-end funds or options have been traded.

The longest settlement time takes three days after the day it is traded (T+3). This is why when you need to withdraw money from your investment accounts, you have to take into account settlement time depending on the type of securities are being be sold to meet your request. Unless you have cash/cash equivalents available in your account, it will take less than four days to redeem it.

Management Fee – Percentage of AUM

Montag Private Wealth is paid based on a percentage of the assets managed by us and never on the number of transactions in your account. A percentage fee based on assets under management is the only fee structure that puts clients and their wealth manager in line to achieve the best results possible.

These fees are payable, withdrawn every month, and include provincial and federal taxes. We charge management fees based on assets under management. Those fees are fully disclosed and discussed during our one-on-one meetings with you.

Please note that management fees are tax deductible for the non-registered accounts only.

We provide:

  • Continuous portfolio monitoring
  • Personalized written financial plan
  • Risk assessment
  • Investment guidelines
  • Quarterly performance reports
  • Regular review process
  • Ongoing advice and service

How Safe Is my Money? / Partners

Montag Private Wealth has chosen National Bank Correspondent Network (NBCN, a division of NBCN Inc.) as the custodian. NBCN Inc. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the National Bank of Canada. National Bank is a federally regulated Schedule A Bank and a public company listed on the TSX.