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Second Opinion

Get a Second Opinion on Your Investment

We believe getting a second opinion on your portfolio investment is a crucial step, especially if you have any doubts about your future and the composition of your current portfolio. We encourage you to read our rubric entitled ‘Why We Are Your Manager Of Choice’. It contains many Q&As that your current financial advisor should be able to address, if not contact us.

At Montag Private Wealth, we would be happy to provide a second opinion on your investment portfolio with no obligation. We will review our philosophy and our investment approach with you and make our recommendations so you are in a better position to make an informed decision.

Avoiding the “If I would have known”

Too often when investors start to take an interest in their financial future, they also discover that if they had been advised earlier in their life they may have achieved a better return or saved on management fees. It is similar to that of making a large purchase such as a house. You should evaluate more than one advisor, develop your own opinion and build a complete understanding of the situation before making a decision. Be proactive and try to minimize or avoid saying “if I would have known.”

Why We Are Your Manager of Choice:

The following bullet points will help you identify why we are your manager of choice.

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Why We Are Your Manager of Choice:

The following bullet points will help you identify why we are your manager of choice.

We are your manager of choice if:

  • You believe you do not get a lot of service for what you are paying. Your advisor is selling you financial product but they do not manage or you don’t know how much you are paying in fees.
  • Your current advisor is just an intermediary and he or she doesn’t have the ability to manage money.
  • You haven’t learned much about money investment with your current advisor.
  • You do not receive any performance reports with your current advisor. You have no clue what your portfolio performance return was last year, last semester or trimester.
    You have no investment policy statement.
  • You do not feel that your investment advisor is really savvy. He or she seems more like a salesman or saleswoman. But you want more expertise and your nest and needs are growing.
  • Many of your investments and accounts are spread out. You do not feel that your household asset is globally managed with a global vision. Your wife has investment accounts, you have investment accounts and your company has money that is sleeping at the bank without growing.
    • You are not aware that all these accounts can be managed globally and thoughtfully.
  • Your current household investable assets (yours, your spouse’s, your company, your trust or estate) is now north of $650,000 and growing.
  • You are “an accredited investor” as defined in your province and typically based on asset or individual or family income.
  • You have illiquid asset (hard asset real estate, a company, etc) that should be taken into account in your global approach of Wealth management.
  • You believe your investments are well diversified. You believe stock and bonds are the only asset classes that you should have. Worst you think your international stock are a truly diversifier to protect your investments going down. You don’t really know that nowadays when the US Equity Market goes down every other equity market around the world goes down. We sold you diversification that has rarely worked when the equity market is down and was especially true during the Great Financial Crisis.
  • You believe bonds are without risk and stocks are always a riskier bet at all time.
  • You believe a 60%/40% equity/bond balanced portfolio is safe if the equity market goes down and will always protect your asset.
  • Nobody has talked to you about the inflation impact on your portfolio growth.
  • Nobody has talked to you about the Fixed Income dilemma if rates start to go up.
  • You do not know the difference between a mutual fund sales person, a financial planner/Investment advisor and a portfolio manager.
  • You do not know the difference when a Wealth Management Company offers you to manage your money under a “Multi Manager Approach” instead of a “Balanced Manager Approach”.
  • Nobody discussed the following with you: “Asset Mix Risk”, “Capital Risk”, “Opportunity Risk” or “Benchmark Risk”.
  • Sustainable investment is maybe one of your concerns but nobody has really discussed with you about it.
  • You are a charitable foundation or endowment fund but you feel your investments are poorly diversified to last or deliver a minimum of 3.5%. Especially during large ups and downs in the market.
  • Most of your fortune is in hard asset real estate but you’ve never met an investment advisor or portfolio manager that has real knowledge about this asset class. The lack of knowledge makes both your investment portfolio and your real estate asset totally separate instead of being globally managed.
  • You believe leverage financial asset is always bad.
  • Nobody has introduced you to option strategy either because it wasn’t suitable for you or simply because they didn’t know much about its contribution to protect a portfolio.
  • You believe only large banks can offer Wealth Management. Or you don’t know about the advantage of an Independent Financial service company.
  • You fear your money is not safe with an Independent Portfolio Manager Company.
  • You don’t know that your money is as safe with an independent Portfolio Manager that it is with large banks. It all depends of the Custodian and often custodians used by your Portfolio Manager are subsidiary of one of the six largest Canadian banks.
  • You think because you have a $1 million investable asset you are an important client for your Banks Wealth Manager. It couldn’t be less true it’s not enough for them to even mind if you leave.